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Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant.


– Steven Anderson

"Baker Technical Institute has partnered with ShanRae several times for our community outreach needs. ShanRae is client-centered, well organized, and executes her plan with the highest levels of professionalism. Additionally, her understanding of eastern and central Oregon media outlets made for seamless coordination in the field. Our phones and student email inquiries exploded after the media package she arranged went live, and we cannot thank her enough for her service. "

- Dr. Thomas Joseph, Baker Technical Institute

"The City of Ashland hired ShanRae to handle public relations and community outreach for the Ashland Canal Piping Project. The public relations portion of this project presented many unique challenges. ShanRae's depth of knowledge, professionalism, and understanding of the City's processes has been instrumental to the success of the Project. As our public outreach consultant, time and time again, ShanRae had great suggestions the City had not considered, even when confident in our plans. ShanRae's dedication to the team and our goals did not go unnoticed. It really has been a pleasure having ShanRae on our team and I look forward to keeping her involved as this Project moves forward or on future projects!"

                      -Kevin Caldwell, City of Ashland Senior Engineering Project Manager

"Hire her! You will not be disappointed."

- Bill Smith, Developer, the Old Mill District

"ShanRae is a joy to work with!  She is an accountable and personable professional that consistently delivers high-quality work and dynamic solutions. I have worked with ShanRae for over four years and greatly appreciate her thoughtful and creative ideas. She is able to actively listen and build a framework for a project that connects and supports an organization’s overall mission and vision.  Recently, I participated in a strategic planning event facilitated by ShanRae. Her approach is both collaborative and positive, which allowed for rich discussion, team building and clear outcomes." 

- Kelley O'Rourke, Business Operations Manager,  Central Oregon Irrigation District

"For over 20 years ShanRae has proven to be one of the most creative thinkers in the marketing field that I have come across.  Her ability to see the needs of the client, business and specific project at hand is exceeded only by her energy, enthusiasm and positive attitude.  As the State Director of a large student leadership organization, it was easy to recommend ShanRae for various internships and global work experiences because she inevitably would perform beyond expectations and leave the organization that she was working in with tangible results on her projects.  In her professional career I see much of the same, only in an even more mature and savvy manner as she has combined her natural abilities and intuitions with solid business acumen and superior knowledge of marketing strategies. I’d recommend ShanRae for your organizations marketing needs only if you require dedication, intelligence and results."

- Judy Bartee, International Coordinator at the Institute of Management Accountants and former State Director of the Oregon FFA Association


"I hired ShanRae as the Director of Marketing for Sunriver Resort back in 2004. By far one of the best hires of my career!  I was fortunate to partner with her as we worked to elevate Sunriver Resort to one of the premier resorts in the nation.  She lead the marketing efforts of all resort business units including lodging, golf, spa, recreation, retail, and vacation rentals.  ShanRae is beyond her years in confidence, poise under pressure, resourcefulness, and professionalism.  She is a consistent high performer, has a tremendous ability to collaborate with others (both internally and externally), a strategic thinker, and very articulate.  I would highly recommend her and her services to partner with any organization on marketing, communications/public relations, social media, special events, and branding development."

- Nancy Devine, owner Devine One Marketing


"Integrity; respected; respectful; quick learner; thinks your deal; budget conscious; creative; effective; dedicated; on time; loyal; pleasant; sought after; adaptive; fun; knowledgeable. Hire her! You will not be disappointed."

- Bill Smith, Developer, the Old Mill District


"There is something about ShanRae that invites everyone to befriend her, a great asset when organizing multiple community partners. She is an excellent communicator who organizes and problem solves effectively, gets things done on time, and brings great passion to creating successful events."

- Lizzi Katz, Community Education & Survivorship Coordinator, 
St. Charles Cancer Center

She is pro-active on projects, and is diligent on pushing the objectives through to completion despite obstacles."  

- Andrew Jones, MD, FACS

Working with ShanRae has truly been a pleasure! Her positive, creative and collaborative nature sets the tone for each work session or project. In addition, her knowledge, experience and resourcefulness is an asset, valued by each professional that has the opportunity to work with her."

- Heidi Berkman, Founder, The Bloom Proje

Our team has worked on numerous projects and cannot say enough good things about ShanRae’s professionalism, knowledge, and overall talent. She has great presence, the ability to pitch an idea while keeping the audience connected and engaged, and to cultivate strong relationships and trust. With her leadership skills, her ability to manage complex clients and projects and develop killer strategies for businesses, ShanRae is a major asset to any team. She is also a fabulous speaker with confidence and true passion."

- Wendie Every, Principal and Founder, Every Idea Marketing







"I have had the pleasure of working with ShanRae for the past 5 years in developing a skin cancer awareness campaign. ShanRae has resurrected a skin cancer screening program that provides annual screenings for hundreds of underserved Central Oregonians. ShanRae has a remarkable ability to bring people with varied and sometimes diametrically opposed interests together to work for a common goal. She does this through her communication skills, charm, and partnership building.  She is pro-active on projects, and is diligent on pushing the objectives through to completion despite obstacles."

- Andrew Jones, MD, FACS


"I’ve worked with ShanRae for nearly 10 years, both as a co-worker at DVA Advertising and as a creative partner for several of her clients. She is a sharp marketer, an incredible project manager and brilliant collaborator. Not only that, but she’s genuinely one of nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I look forward to continuing our working relationship and wholeheartedly recommend her for any marketing projects, positions or initiatives."

- Nick Reese, Owner and Founder, Reese Branding Co,

"I have known ShanRae Hawkins, professionally, for over 10 years and have had the pleasure of  working with her on many projects, in many facets of business.  ShanRae has the ability and skill set to develop and complete a variety of complex projects, from inception to fruition, seamlessly. She works well in both an independent and team environment and is a leader in all aspects. I highly recommend ShanRae for any business venture that may consider her services. You will be glad you did!"

- Cathy Smith, Aperion Property Management

"ShanRae's depth of knowledge, professionalism, and understanding of the City's processes has been instrumental to the success of our Project."

- Kevin Caldwell, City of Ashland

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