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It takes a blend of skills to shape a compelling brand and story. StingRay Communications offers a full range of communication and public relations services tailored to meet your business objectives.

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?


– Robert H. Schuller

 From strategic planning to expert positioning opportunities to crisis management, you'll benefit from StingRay's thorough, collaborative
and results-orientated approach.
Public Outreach

StingRay Communications specializes in increasing community-wide awareness and engagement with key stakeholders while improving perceptions, and support of the services and work provided by organizations. Public outreach efforts include on-going strategic communication initiatives,  proactive outreach and education campaigns, facilitation, public relations, and social media management. 

Strategic Brand Positioning

Creating an overall strategic plan for your marketing activities involves taking a “big picture” look at your organization, your products or services, and the market. This plan ensures that marketing activities are aligned with your goals, and that all tactics are implemented with the overarching strategy in mind. 


Key Message Development

A compelling and differentiated value proposition is the key ingredient of any winning marketing strategy and communications campaign. StingRay Communications works with clients to define target markets, elicit buyer values, and identify the benefits that the product/service can provide to the marketplace. 


Media Relations

StingRay Communications has the expertise and relationships to tell clients’ stories and knows how to navigate the fast-paced and rapidly changing news cycle to ensure messages are heard. Telling your story through the media is more than pushing press releases – it is investing time and expertise to build strong media relationships and craft engaging stories that build audience awareness and trust.


Crisis Communications

Bad news travels fast and can quickly destroy a reputation that was years in the making. StingRay Communications provides rapid and strategic crisis communication response to help control the way the situation is discussed and ultimately solved.


Media Training

StingRay Communications offers media training to help you understand how the media works, how to better prepare for media encounters, craft the communications agenda with effective and memorable quotes, overcome any fear and intimidation of reporters and cameras, and deliver YOUR message with greater confidence, authority, and credibility.


Event Planning

StingRay Communications helps our clients construct and execute high-caliber events that run flawlessly, create a superior presence, and generate optimal results.


Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships can be functional and very sophisticated marketing platforms. Through simple branding, partnerships can put a brand in front of thousands of potential consumers and create awareness to re-position a brand. 


Keynote Speaking, Emceeing & Facilitation

StingRay Communications founder, ShanRae Hawkins, has made a name for herself as an adaptable speaker and facilitator. Organizations and event attendees benefit from ShanRae's interactive, strategic and meaningful style.


Leadership Training & Development

StingRay Communications works with clients to identify their most important business and leadership challenges and focus directly on developing the skills, practices, and approaches that will have the most immediate and significant impact on business results.


"I have had the pleasure of working with ShanRae for the past 5 years in developing a skin cancer awareness campaign. ShanRae has resurrected a skin cancer screening program that provides annual screenings for hundreds of underserved Central Oregonians. ShanRae has a remarkable ability to bring people with varied and sometimes diametrically opposed interests together to work for a common goal. She does this through her communication skills, charm, and partnership building.  She is pro-active on projects, and is diligent on pushing the objectives through to completion despite obstacles."


- Andrew Jones, MD, FACS

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